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 Combo/Special move derectory

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PostSubject: Combo/Special move derectory   Fri 4 Aug 13:05


Combo #1: Twin spin
Used by: Mimi and Lili
Description: Lil grabs Mimi's hands, and swings her around for two turns

Combo 2#: Healing
Used by: needs Mimi and and other characther
Description: Heals both Mimi and another charachter

more combos later

Special moves

Special move#1: Spin Punch
used by: Both Lili and Mimi can do this
Descirption: A rapid spin punch

Special move#2: Summon Elephant
used by: Lili
Description: summons an elephant for a one turn stampede

more special moves later

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Combo/Special move derectory
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