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 RPG rules!

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PostSubject: RPG rules!   Thu 27 Apr 10:09

These are the rules of my RPG! If you do not follow them, I will personally get rid of you!
1.No cussing!
2.Higher levels always beat lower levels!
3.You only get one character except me because I need to be the narrator!
4.Don't be jealous of other people's powers!
5.You can only swap element medallions with your allies! or if you stole them!
6.Also, don't type jibberish, like geghrthhr. It makes no sense to the other players!

Think of me as your Role Model!
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PostSubject: Re: RPG rules!   Tue 17 Oct 15:40

geghrthhr, [noun] to do the action of gegherthing. [example] i geghrthhr to the store, on my jfhsfdsfdsffdsfdsfdsfd board

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RPG rules!
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